Voting on HB1582

Senate Committee Vote

The full senate is expected to vote on on Thursday May 4th.

HB1582 received a unanimous "Ought To Pass" recommendation from the senate municipal affairs committee. This was a very important step in the process of making this bill into law. Now we can urge all of the senators to support the committee report.

If you haven't done so yet, please call your senator and ask them to vote in favor of HB1582. The House supports it, the governor supports it, the committee supports it and the people of New Hampshire support it. Now is the time to act.

If you've already called and gotten an answer from your senator, you can join us outside the State House on Wednesday and Thursday morning to hold signs. Just show up anytime between 7:30am and 9:30am. We'll provide the signs.

Full Senate Vote

Here is the short version of what happened...

14 Republicans voted to amend HB1582, stripping away all of the old bill and replacing it with a 13 member study commission of government employees. 7 Democrats and 2 Republicans (Sens. Bragdon and Gallus) voted to keep the original language.

It was a long and colorful debate, but we drew the short straw. When we began this fight, we know it was an uphill battle, but hundreds of people came together to make that fight. We spread our message across the world; the senate's actions do not take that away from us. And our fight is far from over; we will continue to fight REAL ID as long as we can. And as we do, more and more people will join us. More and more will speak out, until the Senate doesn't dare ignore the will of the citizens of New Hampshire.

The House and Senate Fiscal Committee will meet at 9am on Friday in room 210-211 of the LOB. Their first agenda item is to accept the 3 million dollars for implementing REAL ID. I know some of our activists and concerned citizens will be. If you're in the Concord area, please swing by for a half hour and remind the commmittee that we will continue watching.

Update: The finance committee on Friday tabled the motion to consider taking the funding. It may come up again for a vote on Monday. Feel free to stop by the hearing to watch what happens.

Contact your senator and thank or spank them, depending on their vote today. Assuming we get a favorable outcome in the comittee of conference, we'll need to convince a few Republicans to change their vote. More on that later.

You can find your senator's contact info here.

It's been a long week. Thanks to the dozens of activists who came out to stand up for what they belive in. We'll keep up the good fight; and we will prevail.

There is still time to take action!