The Big Rally in Concord

Here are pictures and impressions of the rally held on Saturday April 22nd between 11am and 1pm on the lawn of the State House in Concord.

A great day for a rally! Honking horns could be heard up an down main street and residents expressed their support for all our work.

The crowd gathered before the speakers started, sharing concerns and news, making donations, holding signs, talking to the press and meeting new friends in the fight for freedom.

Some of our volunteers showed us what life under RealID could be like in the near future. With checkpoints, demands for identity documents and invasive scans of your possessions. "Paperz pleaz comrade." >>>

<<< Rep. Bicknell (R-Deerfield) started us off. As a former law enforcement officer, he knows what stops crime, and Real ID isn't it. He pointed out the absurdity of wanting to track every American citizen yet doing nothing to stop terrorists from getting into the country.

NHCaspian organizer Joel Winters spoke about the unfunded, undefined federal mandate known as Real ID. How it violates the constitution, our privacy and our dignity. He also shared the news that Judd Gregg had been lobbying behind the scenes, encouraging the senate to kill HB1582.>>>

<<< Democrat congressional candidate Carol Shea-Porter shared her support for HB1582 and opposition to Real ID. She was pleased to see people from all political stripes here to keep NH free of the entanglement of Real ID.

Former Rep. Don Gorman rallied the crowd, pointed out Judd Gregg's local office and phone number, and introduced Neil Kurk. >>>

<<< Rep. Neil Kurk (R-Weare), the man who got this ball rolling with his inspired speech on the House floor, urged everyone there to call their Senator and ask them to support HB 1582.

Video highlight of the Rally