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Will Real ID Cause Chaos at the DMV?
U.S.News and World Report - December 10

Real Bad ID
Nationcal Center for Policy Analysis - October 10

OU Rounup - Civil liberties advocate to speak
The Norman Transcript - October 8

'Real ID' Mandate Is Impractical
The Ledger - October 7

Officials: Real ID will cost drivers time, state money
Brownsville Herald - October 6

Don't Be Fooled
Concord Monitor - September 25

Real ID law facing real challenges
Wyoming Tribute-Eagle - September 25

Expensive price tag for national ID card
Burlington Free Press - September 25

REAL ID costs: $11 billion, double time at DMV
Homeland Stupidity - September 25

Call for extension of deadline for new IDs
United Press International - September 22

Driver ID secutiry likely costly
Washington Times - September 22

Feds' "Real ID" plans causing real problems
WTHR Eyenitness News - September 21

Summary Box: The cost of secure driver's licenses
The Beacon Journal - September 21

Study Says Real ID Act Will Cost $11 Billion, be Logistics Nightmare
Government Technology - September 21

Study: Congressional rules for secure driver’s licenses could cost $11 billion
Columbus Dispatch - September 21

States Say New IDs Could Cost Billions
Forbes - September 21

National survey of states says secure driver's licenses could cost $11 billion
Sign on SanDiego - September 21

State say new IDs could cost billions
Dallas Star-Telegram - September 21

Too little time, too much cost for Real ID - September 21

House Approves Voter ID Act to Democrats' Dismay
CNSNews - September 20

House Takes Up Voter IDs
Los Angeles Times - September 20

REAL ID to cost states at least $2.5 billion
Homeland Stupidity - September 1

Real ID facts prove divisive
Concord Monitor - August 17

Lawmakers demand funding for Real ID
Union Leader - August 16

Does Real ID have the kind of legs to make it in New Hampshire?
Foster's Daily Democrat - August 13

Driver's license fight gathers steam in NH
Union Leader - August 9

Legislators vote to accept federal money for Real ID
Concord Monitor - August 9

Panel votes to accept Real ID funding
Nashua Telegraph - August 9

Senator Burling Expresses Outrage at the Acceptance of $3 Million in REAL ID Bribe Money
Politics NH - August 8

Governors anger with feds boils over
Stateline - August 8

Legislative committee votes to accept federal money for Real ID - August 8

GranteStateID release on fiscal committee vote
August 8

Lynch says govs agree on National Guard, REAL ID
Foster's Daily Democrat - August 7

New license plan creates headaches for lawmakers
Casper Star Tribune - July 19

Price of drivers' licenses may jump
San Antonio Express-News - July 18

Candidates express concern over federal ID requirements
The Union Leader - July 17

Are You Ready for Your North American Union ID Card?
Human Events - July 17

State in the dark concerning Real ID mandate
Las Vegas Business Press - July 17

Excerpts of gubernatorial candidates on homeland security
Boston Globe - July 16

Lack of information stymies ID plans
The Virginian-Pilot - July 15

Motor Vehicle Division braces for extra work tied to ID requirements
KBZK - July 9

Battle lines drawn as driver's license ID law gets nearer
SignOnSanDiego - June 25

Bruce: Just say 'No' to Real-ID
Politics NH - June 12

The Great No-ID Airport Challenge
Wired News - June 9

Legislative committee puts off dealing with Real ID grant News - June 7

License to Pry
Detriot Metro Times - May 31

State Should Contest National ID Law
Government Technology - May 26

The Real ID
Marketplace Money - May 19

The Eternal Value of Privacy
Wired News - May 18

REAL ID - unnecessary, unfunded and unlikely to make you safer
Union Leader Editorial by Senator John Sununu - May 17

Federal Pressure Prompts State Senate Hypocrisy on REAL ID
Keene Free Press, May 16

Senate Republicans dance to a D.C. tune
Concord Monitor, May 16

A missed chance: REAL ID deserved rejection
Union Leader - May 15

Realities of Real ID could spell trouble
Bangor Daily News - May 15

Alaska says "no" to Real ID
Papers Please - May 9

State House Dome column
Union Leader - May 7

Lawmakers duck Real ID vote
Nashua Telegraph - May 6

Mandate for ID Meets Resistance From States
New York Times - May 6

Real ID bill swept aside by Senate
Concord Monitor - May 5

Real ID protest stalled by Senate vote
Union Leader - May 5

Real ID battle takes on new face in Senate
Union Leader - May 5

Real ID opponents face tough Senate test
Union Leader - May 4

Real ID Law Faces Test in New Hampshire
NPR Morning Edition - May 4

Plan to ignore Real ID faces tough vote
Nashua Telegraph - May 3

Real ID has backing
Concord Monitor - May 3

Real ID Hits a Roadblock
NH Public Radio - May 2

Stop Real ID
Concord Monitor - May 2

ID Law Stirs Passionate Protest in N.H.
Washington Post - May 1

Session: REAL ID Update and Roundtable Discussion
National Conference of State Legislators

State House Dome: Senate to have its say on Real ID
Union Leader - April 30

They really don't like Real ID
Concord Monitor - April 29 (#1 read article!)

NH ready to reject Real ID
ZDNet Government - April 28

Questions over Real ID irk Gov. Lynch
Nashua Telegraph - April 27

Governor supports anti-Real ID bill
Concord Monitor - April 27

Lynch says he will sign bill opposing Real ID
Union Leader - April 27

Senate panel unanimous against Real ID
Union Leader - April 27

Lawmakers reject Real ID
Washington Times - April 27

Leading fight against Real ID: Rep: Program lets government track and control U.S. citizens
Seacoast Online - April 26

Committee endorses anti-Real-ID bill
Seacoast Online - April 26

Real ID protest is right stand for state to take
Concord Monitor Editorial - April 26

Gov. Lynch says he will sign bill opposing Real ID - April 26

Real ID dealt another defeat in Legislature
Union Leader - April 26

State leads opposition against Real ID Act
Nashua Telegraph - April 26

New Hampshire Leads a Rebellion Against Driver's License Regulations in Federal Read ID Act
ABC News - April 26

N.H. Leads Revolt Against Federal ID Rules
Minneapolis Star Tribune - April 26

One state challenges Real ID Act
Kansas City Star - April 26

N.H. Leads Revolt Against Federal ID Rules
Yahoo! News - April 26

N.H. leads revolt against federal ID rules
Sacramento Bee - April 26

N.H. Leads Revolt Against Federal ID Rules
CBS News - April 25

New Hampshire can stop the coming federal police state
Union Leader - April 24

Is Real ID a sign of the apocalypse?
Concord Monitor - April 23

They really don't like Real ID
Concord Monitor - April 23

Calling for a Response to Digital ID
TechNewsWorld - April 21

Surveillance since 9/11
New Hampshire Public Radio - April 19

NH Can Set a National Example by Opposing a Federal ID Card
The Cato Institute - April 17

Perspective: The Real ID rebellion - April 17

New Hampshirites To Fight Real ID
Keene Free Press - April 17

Video: New Hampshire says no to IDs - April 14

New Hampshire May Refuse National ID Compliance
Outside the Beltway - April 14

New Hampshire may buck feds over national IDs - April 13

Our secret identities: NH should reject REAL ID Act
Union Leader Editorial - April 13

Federal ID Cards Raises Privacy Concerns
New Hampshire Public Radio - April 11

Foes Blast Real ID
Concord Monitor - April 11

Say no to national ID, senate urged
Union Leader - April 11

Real ID Act generates opposition
Nashua Telegraph - April 11

Jim Harper Testimony on HB1582
The CATO Institute - April 10

Citizens' Groups Come Together to Protest Implementation of National ID Card
Business Wire - April 10

Granite State ID Coalition Urges NH Senate to Reject REAL ID
Yahoo Business News - April 10

NH Lawmakers to Debate National ID Card
New Hampshire Public Radio - April 10

N.H. Should lead Real ID fight
The Eagle-Tribune Editorial - April 8

We're free, right?
Concord Monitor - April 6

NH Caspian to demonstrate against Real ID
NH Independent Media - March 29

New Hampshire Rejects National ID
News With Views - March 20

Should New Hampshire Issue its Citizens a National ID Card?
Keene Free Press - March 20

Feds must drop Real ID plan
The Californian Editorial - March 2

States Ask for full funding of Real ID
National Conference of State Legislators

REAL ID Harder Than Legislators Thought
Schneier on Security - January 13

National ID law poses unique technological challenges
Ars Technica - January 13

The Real ID nightmare
Homeland Stupidity - January 13

Letter from national governors association
National Governors Association - October 6, 2005

The Real ID Is Really Coming
Mountain Times - September 22, 2005

National ID cards: REAL ID goes too far
Union Leader Editorial - September 20, 2005

The known unknowns of a national ID card
Seattle Times Editorial - August 24, 2005

Why the "Real ID" Act, Which Requires National Identity Cards, is a Real Mess
FindLaw - August 10, 2005

No real bucks for Real ID
Washington Technology - June 20, 2005

'Real ID' Faces Reality
Information Week - May 16, 2005

Nation ID Battle Continues
Wired News - May 12, 2005

An Unrealistic 'Real ID'
New York Times - May 4, 2005

Some Fear Law Would Create National ID
Boston Globe - April 26, 2005

State Groups Oppose Real ID
National Conference of State Legislators - March 17, 2005

House backs major shift to electronic IDs
CNet - February 10, 2005

Real ID, Real Problems
Washington Post Editorial - February 10, 2005

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Be sure to thank the newspapers for covering this topic.