Here are some resources for further information:

Video of the Anti-RealID rally from 2006
YouTube video

ACLU's REAL ID website


Christian "No National ID" pledge

Summary of the law by National Conference of State Legislatures sctran/realidsummary05.htm

Wikipedia entry on REAL ID

CNet FAQ: How REAL ID will affect you FAQ+How+Real+ID+will+affect+you/ 2100-1028_3-5697111.html? tag=st.rn

H.R. 1268 contains the REAL ID act. Scroll until you see TITLE II (pages 81-86). cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=109_cong_bills&docid=f:h1268enr.txt.pdf

Link to file with just the Real ID pages

UnRealID - generated thousands of opposition letters

Guarding the Home Front
Will civil liberties be a casualty in the War on Terrorism?

I will refuse to register for an ID card

Real ID Rebellion

Judd Gregg's letter lobbying our senators
Judd Gregg Letter

Coalition Members

Links to member sites of the growing coalition supporting HB1582 and keeping New Hampshire out of the RealID scheme.