The Press Conference

Here are pictures and impressions of the press conference held on Monday April 10th at Noon in the Legislative Office Building in Concord.

<<< The press conference was started by remarks from Rep. Bicknell (R-Deerfield), who made introductions and urged everyone to support HB1582.

NHCaspian organizer Joel Winters spoke about the passage of the unfunded, undefined federal mandate known as Real ID as well as the privacy violations against our hard-won legal protections. >>>

<<< Rep. Christenson (R-Hudson), one of the co-sponsors of HB1582, asked why shouldn't the Senate show the same loyalty to New Hampshire citizens as the House. "We shouldn't sell our freedom for $3 million."

After each of the presenters from the coalition spoke, they signed on to the declaration against a national ID card and the Real ID Act.

Once the presentation was complete, Joel and other members of the coalition answered questions from the media.

NH Against National ID also announced a massive rally in front of the State House on Main Street in Concord. Scheduled for April 22nd, from 11am to 1pm, hundreds of supporters of HB1582 will gather to stand behind this legislation.

Text of Resolution

We, the undersigned citizens' groups of New Hampshire, oppose our state's participation in the federal REAL ID system.

We believe it to be an unfunded, undefined, and unreasonably burdensome mandate.

We believe it to be an unwarranted claim of power by the federal government, and find that it does not provide the security that it claims, but instead creates new dangers to our privacy, our security and our liberties.

We therefore find it unacceptable for New Hampshire or for any state, and call upon our elected representatives in the 'Live Free or Die' State to refuse to participate.

Joel Winters, NH CASPIAN
John J Babiarz, Libertarian Party of New Hampshire
Jennifer Coffey, Second Amendment Sisters
Jane Aitken, Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers
Sharona Merel, Concerned Humanity/ NH Ballot Integrity Task Force
Carol McGuire, Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire
Susan Bruce, New Hampshire Citizen's Alliance
Dave Mincin, Dover Citizens for Sound Government
Timothy Chrysostom, Democracy For New Hampshire
Jack Shimek, Freedom Forum
Don Gorman, New Hampshire Liberty Alliance
Lee A Button, New Hampshire Constitution Party
Seth Cohn,
Sam Cohen, Pro-Gun New Hampshire