Take Action!

A lot has happened this year on the national identity card front. In March, the New Hampshire House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill — HB1582 — which would take New Hampshire out of REAL ID!

Then in April, the senate committee unanimously recommended passage of the bill to the full senate! Unfortuneately lobbying from Washington DC convinced most of our elected Senators to ignore the will of the people and place the alleged need for a national ID card above your rights.

You can check the record of these votes here.

In August, the joint fiscal committee voted to accept the funds to implement Real ID. They have asked the DMV for a detailed budget before any implementation takes place. But we still have options to stop it.

Right now the battle is in the executive branch. Given the amount of money involved, the Executive Council needs to approve it. Governor Lynch has already voiced oppoisition to Real ID and he can stop it.

Call the Governor

You can call Governor Lynch's office at 271-2121. You'll get a secretary during the day, or voice mail at night. Please thank Governor Lynch for his opposition to REAL ID and ask him to reject the $3 million dollar federal grant. The citizens of New Hampshire do not want REAL ID, and he needs our support to give him courage to stand up to Washington DC. In the next few days, he will be making a decision on this issue, so please contact him today.

Not comfortable calling? You can email him online or mail a letter or postcard to him at:

Office of Governor John Lynch
107 N Main St.
Concord, NH 03301

Attend the Task Force Hearings

The senate has created a task force to "study the impact" of Real ID. The schedule for these meetings is in the senate calendar. It is open to the public. The task force next meets Wednesday, August 23 at 1:00PM in Room 210 of the Legislative Office Building. Be there to watch what is happening. Given past news coverage, it doesn't look like the senators are interested in hearing from the public, but they need to know we are paying attention. Remember to be there with your anti Real ID badge.

E-mail all your friends

Include a link to www.granitstateid.com in all your e-mails. Put it in your signature file so it gets included automatically. Post links to the site on any blogs you happen to frequent.

Word of mouth is very effective in getting the message out to our fellow citizens. Tell them how important this issue is and how they can take a very easy stand for freedom by supporting us.

Make a Contribution to the Cause!

The coalition is committted to keeping New Hampshire out of the REAL ID Act. To spread the word, we have purchased yard signs, taken out newspaper ads, and printed thousands of flyers. These esential tools cost money - and as an all volunteer organization, we need your help to pay for them. If you oppose a national ID card, please make a generous contribution today. All of your contribution will go to spreading the word and stopping Real ID.

Call Your Councilor!

Now it's in the hands of the state Executive Council, where it will pass or fail depending on whether or not YOU let your councilor know how you feel. Find your councilor (below), then give him or her a call and ask for a vote to oppose taking the money for REAL ID. It only takes a minute, but your phone call will make a difference! Set your councilor's number on a speed-dial on your cell phone! When you meet someone, let them call their councilor!

If we do not take a stand for freedom and privacy now we will soon be living in a police state, where both the state and industry can track our movements all over the country.

Here's what you can say when you call your councilor:
"Hello, my name is ___________, I live in ______ [name your town]. I do not want the federal government to control my driver's license. Please keep New Hampshire out of a National ID. Please vote no on taking the federal money for Real ID."

Find your executive councilor:

Choose your city:
or choose your district:

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